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Big Canoe Marina:  Boating and Fishing

Big Canoe Boat Rentals

Boat Rentals for Lake Petit
Boats are to be rented on an hourly basis with a two hour minimum.  There will be a five hour minimum on holidays. 
Contact the Marina (706) 268-3303 to reserve a boat or for more information.

Boating Rates:
New Pontoon Boats at Big Canoe Marina
Pontoon Boats:  $20.00 per hour
Jon Boats:  $15.00 per hour
Canoes: $10.00 per hour
Kayaks: $15.00 per hour (New 2012)

Rental Description:

Boats are available from 8:00am to dusk
All boats must be returned to the Marina no later than dusk.  Due to the nature of short battery life, motorized boats are typically only rented 2 times per day.
Cancellations must be received within 24 hours to avoid a 25% fee.  On holidays, a 7-day cancellation notice is required.  Exception - inclement weather.

Boat Description:

Pontoon Boat:  A small deck boat with a canopy, an electric motor, and able to accommodate 6-8 adults.  There are Six Boats in the rental fleet; however, some newer pontoon boats are designated non-fishing.
Jon Boat:  Flat bottomed fishing boats with an electric motor.  Holds 2 adults, weight limit 450 lbs.  There are two Jon Boats in the rental fleet.
Canoe:  Non-motored boat that can accommodate two people.  There are two canoes in the rental fleet.
Kayak:  Non-motorized boat that can accommodate two people.  There are three kayaks in the rental fleet.

Boating Safety Equipment:

Life Vests and paddles are stored on the Pontoon Boats
One Vest and Paddle will be supplied per person for Jon Boats
One Vest and Paddle will be supplied per person for Canoes and Kayaks
Children under 12 years of age are required to wear a life vest at all times

Boating Rules and Regulations:

Must be 21 years of age with a valid driver's license to rent a Pontoon Boat or Jon Boat.    Must be 18 years of age to rent a  Canoe.
Big Canoe Fishing License/Permit is required for anyone over the age of 12 on a Big Canoe Lake.  These may be purchased at the Marina.
Fishing License Cost:  $12.00 per person per day --  Weekly Permits are Available.
Rental boats must be cleaned after use.  Fees up to $75.00 can be enforced if the boats are not cleaned.
The cleaning of Fish is NOT PERMITTED on boats or in the Marina vicinity.
Swimming is not allowed in Lake Pettit.


Fishing and boating are year-round activities at Big Canoe.  An excellent fishing program has been developed and maintained by professional biologist and fishery personnel.  Permits are required prior to fishing and can be obtained at the Marina.

Lake Pettit is stocked with rainbow trout and other fish.  Natural reproduction of trout does not occur in lakes.  However, those stocked have adapted well to the cold waters of Lake Pettit.  Big Canoe Property Owners Association has instituted a long range program in Lake Pettit to stimulate food for fish.  The positive effects of such a program will be a healthy lake providing sufficient food sources for all fish which will result in healthier and larger fish for the angler.


Property owners and their guests, registered rental guests, marketing guests and employees who have obtained the proper user card.  All must have the appropriate Big Canoe fishing permit with them while fishing.  Daily and weekly, annual and family fishing permits may be purchased at the Marina.    Fines wil be imposed for not complying.


Lake Pettit:  Fishing may be from boats or from designated banks.  The spillway, the dam and the launching ramp are designated for bank fishing.  Fishing is prohibited at the Marina dock area.  This area is restricted to boat owners and their guests in accessing their private boats.  Boaters should not interfere with bank fishermen and bank fishermen should not trespass on private lakeside propoerty.
Lake Sconti:  Fishing is not allowed adjacent to the golf course fairways or between tees and greens. 
Lake Disharoon:  Fishing is not permitted in Lake Disharoon.


(4) Rainbow Trout:  All year
(4) Bass: All Year
(4) Bream:  June - March (Specifically prohibited in April and May)
(4) Crappie:  All Year

The catch and release of fish beyond the daily limit is prohibited. Shiners, as well as artificial bait are now legal in all lakes.
The cleaning of fish on the lake or in the area of the marinas is specifically prohibited..


No more than two hand-held lines may be used at any one time by any one persons.  Hook and line fishing is the only type allowed.  All other methods (set lines, nets, etc.) are prohibited.
Call or Email Gordon Breem at with further questions on Marina and Fishing Information and Special Events.